BBD Sport is our athletic apparel sub division. Beginning with the introduction of our World Cup Jerseys in 2010, we have expanded our collection to include arm sleeves, flags, phone accessories and much more! We offer customization of any kind, great for those who participate in league sports or groups who play at the recreational level. Take your team gear to the next level with all there is to offer at BBD SPORTS!

BBD Wireless

BBD Mobile Wireless offers a wide selection of high quality mobile accessories to fit all of your needs. From cables and chargers to phone cases, we have you covered in every facet. For business people on the go to the everyday Joe, we have accessories to meet your need from travel adapters to a range of LED phone accessories. BBD Mobile also offers a wide range of display and merchandise for small businesses. Let BBD Mobile become your one stop shop for all your mobile accessory needs.

  • 2008

    Biz To Biz Direct Inc.

    Founded in 2008, Biz to Biz Direct Inc. is an import/export distributor that serves the local and global community with a wide range of high quality products. We are proudly located in sunny Miami, FL, USA with offices in China and a warehouse with an integrated show room in Miami Gardens, Fl. We take pride in being located in the United States, and test all of our products to make sure they uphold US standards. We expanded our business to suite the growing need and demand for diversity in the business world. We have branched out into 3 subdivisions (BBD Sports, BBD OEM, and BBD Mobile Accessories); all offering different and innovative service, with the same quality and customer service you have come to associate with Biz to Biz Direct.